Drivers invest significant sums of money in their taxis, so the maintenance and upkeep of their vehicles is important. Incidents, accidental damage and general wear and tear can take their toll on these working vehicles, and occasionally remedial bodywork repairs and resprays are necessary.

At Verifone, we have a dedicated facility to repair and refurbish taxi bodywork. Verifone can fast-track any necessary repairs and minimise downtime for drivers. Convenient slots can be pre-booked, and courtesy cabs can be provided so that no working time is lost. The Verifone Kennington Operations Centre facility includes a state-of-the-art, drive-in paint oven and a team of highly qualified professional panel beaters and spray technicians.


For some drivers, a their taxi advertising contract has elapsed, they may choose to return their cab to its original condition. Subject to the contract terms, Verifone can then refurbish the taxi and respray it for the driver.

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